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About Us


As a fellow here, you will see patients in many different clinical settings which offer a diverse blend of patient populations that many graduates value for the rest of their careers. We have a unifying principle to provide experiences that enable the trainee to advance their career and enjoy their fellowship, our focus is to provide well-balanced inpatient and outpatient training.

The Postdoctoral Training Program in the Division of Nephrology of the Department of Medicine at Loma Linda University provides the opportunity to obtain advanced training in the clinical practice of Nephrology as well as clinical research in kidney diseases and related fields. Training takes place in two settings: Loma Linda University Medical Center, and the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System. Together these hospitals provide an exposure to a diverse population of patients in a rapidly expanding area of Southern California.


Our fellowship program will take the strong foundation of knowledge you have today and shape you into a Nephrologist of tomorrow.


We are proud to be pioneers in the area of Whole Person Care. Our goal is to care for the whole person- their body, mind and spirit.

Patients are so much more than a diagnosis or a disease, they are more than the sum of their abnormal lab values. Here at Loma Linda we hope to empower and equip healthcare providers with the tools needed to care for patients not only with current, state-of-the-art modern care, but with compassion and integrity as well.

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